Social Security

What We Do

At Mitchell+Pencheff, Fraley, Catalano & Boda Co. L.P.A., we have secured benefits for, on average, over 80% of our clients who have previously been turned away.

At Mitchell+Pencheff, Fraley, Catalano & Boda, we have represented applicants for Social Security Disability Insurance, Disabled Widows’ Benefits, and Supplemental Security Income for over twenty-five years. We typically get involved with cases after an unfavorable determination at the first level. We do, however, offer free consultations for anyone interested in knowing about eligibility prior to or during the filing of the first application.

When you are disabled and unable to work, we understand fully the difficulty it causes for you and your family. Disability is not something you asked for or invited. But your payroll taxes have bought you disability insurance and we are in the business of making sure that claimants who are entitled to benefits get them.